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When my daughter was 5 years old the girl next door invited her to "Friends Day" at her dance studio. The rest is history. We enrolled on the same day. My daughter went on to be a 4-year member of her high school dance team as well as her collegiate dance team. She also won 5 pageants through the Miss America Organization. Her talent was dance. None of this would have been possible without the training and support that she received from Chris Pech and Crosby Dance Studio. Over the years I have been asked numerous times which studio I would recommend. I always tell people that every studio in town will teach your child how to dance but Crosby Dance Studio will teach your child to love to dance.

Susan Geffers

My girls have been dancing at Crosby since they were 3 years old. Through dance, they have learned many things and have become confident and strong young ladies. It has been such a pleasure watching them grow and perform.

Erika Schloskey

My 3-year-old daughter started attending Crosby just a few months ago and has learned so much in such a short time! She LOVES coming each week and asks daily if it is dance class tonight. Chris and the girls do a wonderful job! Crosby is definitely the dance studio for us!

April Coe

My daughter, now 7 years old, has been a part of Crosby Dance Studio for 3 years. Chris and her dance instructors not only come to where the children are as individuals, but also to where they are developmental as dancers. My goals for my child are not only to learn dance but body awareness, poise, self-control and respect for music and self-expression. Crosby meets my expectations. My daughter cannot wait for the new paths she will explore in each new class. I highly recommend Crosby Dance Studio!

Kelly Zdanovec

What can I say about Crosby Dance Studio.....only that it is the BEST! I use to live in Milwaukee and would come to Oshkosh to watch my niece at her dance recitals. It was always such a big weekend of excitement and I never really understood why. Then, I moved to Oshkosh and my first daughter was about to turn 3 and I signed her up for her first dance class at Crosby. Now I have two daughters (ages 6 and 8) taking classes there and now I understand why! When you sign up at Crosby, you become one of the Crosby family. Chris Pech - the owner and choreographer- takes your child under her wing and loves them like her own. She, along with her wonderful team of assistants, teaches your children not only dance but teamwork, self-confidence, and the beauty that comes from within! Now, recital weekend - "Just Dance" - has become a big deal at our house and I wouldn't dream of going anyplace else!

Lisa Kempf

In 2008, on the 4th of July parade, my daughter (age 3-1/2) was dancing along with one of the performances. She was really getting down and having a good time! We thought we should probably enroll her in dance somewhere...but where? Oshkosh has so many dance studios. Upon the recommendation of a few friends, we chose Crosby Dance Studio and have never regretted it. Chris teaches every class personally, knows every student, and is personally invested in their dance journey as well as their safety and well-being. Crosby may be one of the smaller studios in town and may have a recital every other year instead of every year, but in the opinion of our entire family, it's the BEST! You just can't surpass a business owner who is as invested and caring as Chris! Crosby has danced its way into our hearts!

Jen Skinner

My daughter Lexie has danced at Crosby Dance Studio for 17 years. Lexie looks to Chris as a second mother, friend, teacher, and role model. Lexie refers to the girls she dances with as her dance family. She is not only still dancing but she is also an assistant teacher at the studio. The past couple of years Chris has given her the opportunity to go to Chicago for dance conventions. She has met and danced with Mia Michaels from "So You Think You Can Dance" as well as other professional choreographers. All in all, Lexie loves the studio and her dance family. I am so glad that her grandmother (Missy Allen) got her started at Crosby Dance Studio!

Tammy Gruse

Crosby Dance Studio is “A Step in the Right Direction”